We are 3rd party food delivery service. Our goal is cut down restaurant's cost of having their own drivers and bring the restaurant's amazing food to the customers who desire, on time. Our drivers are click away and will be there in no time. You can depend on us to give you and your customers the best experience as delivery company. Our service isn't just about delivery; it's about an extension of your business. Explore the options that  could benefit your company. If the food delivery process is consuming a huge amount of time and money, let us help.

What makes us different?

Our deliveries are always contained in the insulated nylon food carrier. This will help to keep the restaurants' hot food steaming and cold food chilled.  

Our drivers are always wearing the uniform. This helps the customers to easily identify our drivers. It also means, our drivers are representing the restaurant with a professional appearance and a set standard for customers and clients to expect to see us.

Our Catering Crew don't just deliver the food. We make sure the food is presented to the customers in most delicious and delightful way possible. From forks to the plates, customers must be pleased with the set up before we leave the room.

We have created an Urban Delivery App for the restaurants to easily request for a driver and to take control of each delivery, so you can never miss one. Not only it makes our operation seamless, it also help our drivers bring the food to the customer faster and efficiently. It is truly easy to use, one of a kind application.

Urban Drivers + ChowNow

                One of the best partner we found that works seamlessly with our Urban Drivers, is ChowNow. We are introducing you to your next online ordering platform. ChowNow is online ordering platform customized just for you and your restaurant. Now you are able to take orders through your website, Facebook page and mobile apps built just for you. Your restaurant no longer need to go through third party sites and break the bank. ChowNow will do all the heavy lifting. All they need from you is your menu and a few appetizing photos. You'll be live in no time. Gather customer information, edit your menu and create promotions in the self-serve Dashboard. Plus, custom reporting allows you to see your customers' ordering habits and stay in touch with specials, events or offers.